One of the most important things for Landscaping is Durability.  Check out our Learning Centre, and take a look at the Durability page.  This explains how durability is measured.  We have listed all our Durable and Very Durable timbers in the table below, grouped by colour.It is worth noting that sapwood is not durable at all, when talking about the durability we are refering to the heartwood.  Occasionally some boards will have a small amount of sap on the edge and this will either need to be removed prior to use or it will eventually rot.

All timber, if left outside uncoated, will naturally turn a silvery-grey colour.  This is a natural process as the outer layers of the timber cellulose get exposed to the weather.  The timber will also, split, check and warp, but depending on the species this may not be too noticable.  One way to reduce weathering and distorting of timber is to coat it with a protective product, we go into each product in more details on our Coatings page.  One of the main things to consider when trying to decide whether to coat your timber, or leave it to weather naturally, is if you are willing to put the effort in to maintain the coating.  All exterior coatings will need maintenance on an annual basis (usually just a good clean), and they will require recoating every 6 months to 5 years, depending on the coating and its exposure to the elements.

Another buzz word that is becoming more and more common with Landscape Architects is sustainability.  Read both our Sustainability and Resource Certification pages in the Learning Centre if your keen to learn more.

Timbers Suitable for Exterior Use
YellowYellow CedarVery Durable
Yellow / Light reddish-brownBalauDurable
Golden yellow / Light brownMacrocarpaModerately Durable above ground
Golden yellow / Light brownOregonModerately Durable
Golden yellow / Light brownTotoraVery Durable
Light PinkTaunModerately Durable
PinkSalignaDurable above ground
Pink / Light brownCedrelaDurable
Light brownSapele MahoganyDurable
Light brownVitexDurable
Light brownWestern Red CedarDurable
Straw brownPilularis (Black Butt)Durable
Medium brownTeakVery Durable
Grey to Reddish/dark brownSpotted GumDurable
Yellow, fading to Dark brownIrokoDurable
Red, fading to Dark BrownBubingaDurable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark BrownJarrahDurable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark BrownPadaukDurable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark BrownRosewoodVery Durable
Reddish-brown / Dark brownKwilaDurable

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