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Australian Oak
Australian Oak (Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak) is a light coloured and medium density hardwood, pale straw through to lighter browns, with excellent staining qualities. Used extensively for T&G flooring and panelling, and interior joinery. Victorian Ash when from Victoria or Tasmanian Oak when from Tasmania, this is not an Oak either, but a mixture of three very similar Eucalypt species that are marketed together.

Saligna (Sydney Blue Gum)
A pale pink to light red coloured hardwood, usually ΒΌ sawn to improve stability through the drying process, the grain has a moderate to course texture. Durable above ground, uses include patio decking and outdoor furniture, and also T&G flooring.

Sapele Mahogany
Heartwood is pinkish-brown to dark reddish-brown. Interlocking grain often gives a striped figure especially on quarter cut boards.


A creamy grey heartwood, with a fine even texture. Used for decking and outdoor constuction.

Walnut, American Black
The heartwood is varying in colour from rich chocolate-brown to purplish-black. The sapwood is pale brown, however, the timber is generally steamed before drying which darkens the sapwood to the heartwood colouring. The timber has a fine even texture with a rather coarse grain.

A very exotic looking timber from East Africa. Dark brown heartwood with lighter streaks.

Western Red Cedar
A Premium durable timber known for its superior stability, for doors, windows, louvers, exterior cladding, shakes and shingles, nothing performs as well as Western Red Cedar in these situations.

Yellow Cedar
This beautiful yellow timber is more durable and denser than Red Cedar but not as stable. A great alternative for exterior building applications.





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