Timbers A - C

No image Accoya wood
New Zealand grown Radiata Pine modified to the core by a non-toxic, proprietary acetylation process.

Ash, American
Cream - white colour with a course grain, ideal furniture timber especially when stained as it looks very similar to Oak. Graded for its white sapwood, but has darker olive coloured heartwood.

Beech, European
Pale pinkish brown timber that is an excellent all-purpose non durable hardwood, smooth textured that finishes well making it ideal for furniture components and turning. Not stable in large sections.

Beech, NZ Cherry
This timber has a attractive pink to red colour, it has been carefully selected and processed under an advanced kiln drying programme to highlight the grain and colour and ensure its stability. It has a fine even texture and is usually straight grained.

Beech, NZ Silver
This medium density hardwood is widely used for furniture making, Heartwood is pinkish brown with sapwood being light grey.

Blackwood, Tasmanian
A much sought after decorative timber for high end furniture, commercial fit outs and interior joinery. Colours range from golden brown through to darker red browns. The timber has good bending properties, but the lengths available are reasonably short.

Bubinga (African Rosewood)
Commonly known as African Rosewood, Bubinga is a rich red colour.

Cherry, American
Fine straight close grain timber. The heartwood varying in colour from reddish-brown to rich red. The sapwood being yellow. Fine, narrow, brown - coloured pith flecks and small gum pockets are a common feature.





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