T&G Flooring

No image Overview & Recommended Installers
The Advantages of Hardwood T&G Flooring and things you need to consider before purchasing T&G Flooring.
Also a list of our Recommended Installers - these are Tradesmen you can do your job right to get the most out of your new floor.

Ash, American White
American Ash is similar to American Oak, it is a hard wearing timber with distinctive grain patterns.

No image Jarrah - Prime grade
Jarrah is a very hard Australian eucalypt, generally dark red in colour but with shades from pink to deep purple. This is a very hard wearing timber whihch makes it great for high-traffic and commercial areas. Typical of any eucalypt it has dark coloured streaks and pockets of gum in the timber.

No image Kwila (Merbau) - Select grade
Kwila is a very hard wearing timber which makes it great for timber floors. It is generally dark reddish-brown in colour but can have some light brown and dark brown boards too.
Warning: Do not use water-based coatings on Kwila as it contains water soluable tanins that will leech.

Maple, American - Prime grade
American Hard Maple is a popular choice for a modern look because it is light in colour and the grain is not too obtrusive. It is a relatively new timber to the New Zealand flooring market but wears well (has a similar hardness to American Oak).

No image Oak, American Red - Prime grade
American Red Oak is a lesser known species. It is slightly cheaper than American White Oak, however once stained looks almost identical.

Oak, American White - Prime grade
American Oak has been used for flooring for hundreds of years. It is hard wearing and look great.
The wide distinctive grain looks great clear finished or highlighted with a stain.

Oak, American White - Rustic grade
This is a lower grade of American White Oak which has more knots but still the same great qualities.

Oak, American White - Antique grade
This knotty grade is excellent where you want more character in your floor. It takes a little more effort to lay because there are knots to dock around and fill, but the knotty look is certainly hot at the moment.

Roasted Oak - Prime grade
Roasted Oak is American Red Oak which has been thermally modified to produce a darker timber, similar in colour to Walnut. No stain was applied to the above photo, just a clear urethane.






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