Plywoods and Panels Overview

We stock a number of specialist plywood and panel products:

BS1088 Marine Plywood
[Image] A hardwood plywood made to the strict British Standard 1088 (or alternatively Australian Standard 2272). Marine plywood is sought after for its strength and the fact that it has minimal core gaps.

We stock Hydrocode (made from Keruing) and Gaboon BS1088 plywoods.
Hydrocore is a heavy dense plywood with great stability due to its high number of cores. The veneers are a dark reddish-brown colour.
Gaboon is a light-weight plywood specially for boat-building or other uses where weight is an important factor, it is orange to reddish-pink in colour.

Flexiply (Bending Plywood)
[Image] This is a super-flexible plywood made from selected timbers that expand and contract easily, providing a cost-effective convenient solution for producing rounded forming structures, especially when small radii are required. It is unique in the ease with which it can take on any desired curve on one plane.

Available in both sheet orientations (long and cross-grain)
Can be curved to a maximum of:
150mm Radius for 4mm Sheets
200mm Radius for 6mm Sheets
250mm Radius for 9mm Sheets

Uses: Great for furniture, joinery or any interior application where a curved surface is required.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)
[Image] MDF is a refined chipboard/particleboard. It is easily worked and has good paint finishing and screw holding qualities.

Uses: Excellent for furniture, cabinetry or any interior application as a cheap substritue for plywood.
Note: MDF should not be exposed to water or high levels of humidity, a special moisture-resistant type of MDF (HMR MDF) is recommended for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

[Image] Melamine is a pre-finished panel that requires no additional surface finishing, it is a tough, scratch-resistant surface that won't fade, streak or craze. Melamine is manufactured by permanently bonding melamine paper to either MDF or particle board with special resins that harden when activated with heat and pressure. Melamine panels are available with a MUF or HMR MDF substrate upon request. With over 50 different colours and up to 5 different surface finishes there is a Melamine product to suit everyone.

Uses: Cupboards, shelves, pantries, cabinets, storage units, bathroom vanities, laundry cabinets, wardrobes, general shelving, office furniture, and much more.

Veneer Board
[Image] Veneer Board is a term used for a substrate (usually MDF or Plywood), which has been overlaid with timber veneers of approximately 0.6mm. Generally supplied in 1F/1B, a quality which gives one good face and a lower grade back (usually mismatched or downgraded veneers, but still the same species). A good on both sides (F2S) grade is available on request.

Uses: Interior furniture and cabinetry


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